Our Mission

Dear Visitor,
Our goal is to make a Freeware Software Develoment company.

Our objective is to rely on users for the definition of what programs to develop, and what functionalities to add. This is why we chose UD Soft (from User-Defined Software) as the name of our company.
We rely purely on donations to sustain the software development costs. Donations will also allow us to keep on working on patches and updates.
We think our kind of company, if economically sustainable, could really challenge the software industry as we know know it. Our company could deliver to the user the program he wants, with the features he desires, for free, allowing him to contribute as much as he thinks the program is worth to him.

This is our pilot project. If we will be able to collect enough funds to be able to payback the initial investment for the Outlook-Google Calendar Sync app we will launch the company and start investing more resources and time in this business venture.
In our forum you can already find a section for new software requests. That is where we'll start for our next phase, if this first pilot works out.

If you like the idea of a software house like the one we have in mind, please support us. Your support will be decisive.

Monday, April 8, 2013

New donation received

I have received today another donation of 10 USD, Thank you indeed Gianulca! We have finally reached 20% of the initial investment. Thank you!
Have a good day!


  1. ciao Francesco! ci puoi aiutare con un tema di Time date CHAin? ci sono alcuni che avviamo questo problema. mille grazie

  2. Ciao Gino,
    Mi potresti per favore dare l'url del forum date time? Così raccolgo qualche info in più e vedo se riesco a capire a cosa può essere dovuto.

  3. ecco:
    grazie Francesco, aspettiamo la tua risposta!

  4. Ciao Francesco.
    hai visto il blog?